Christian McLeod

Christian McLeod

Being from the Rockies, I’ve grown up around amazing landscapes. But moving to Ireland, when I was young, sprouted my love for photography.

In Ireland you can’t help but explore. There are so many waves that haven’t been seen, yet alone surfed. It feeds the curiosity that hides in every adventurer, keeps the blood running warm, and keeps everything new and fresh.

Being a photographer here can be hard with the weather and the often poor light. But staying outside and waiting for those moments really pays off, as long as you are prepared. You can risk getting cold and getting beaten by waves, but it’s always worth it in the end.

Having a very Photojournalistic approach from the years of travelling with surfers and lifestyle companies, true emotions are captured, and it's what I always pride my work on.

Any time I hit the road, whether it’s in Ireland or abroad I never want to leave. Adventuring is something I have an infinite love for. One adventure in particular really struck a chord with me and that was when I went on a sail boat with a small crew from Ireland all the way up to the Hebrides and felt the full experience of exploration. It was amazing and an experience I’ll never forget.

Three tips for travelling.

(You can view Christian's traveling photos here on his instagram account.)

Plan where you want to go.

I don’t mean strictly plan with dates and times or must go here, here, here and here… I mean pick a country, or region and write it down. Everything starts with an aim and same applies for travel. But always be open to changes, you never know when an opportunity to go elsewhere might come up.

Save some money.

You don’t need a lot of money to travel, nor a crazy job, or a job you can travel with.

Use that little part time job to set aside some coins and be innovative in getting enough to go where you want to go.

Just make it happen.

Travelling starts at your doorstep and you’d be so surprised how much of your own homeland you haven’t seen, or seen with open eyes. I travel more in my own home than I do in the rest of the world. This can always change, but there is so much to see around you.

Oh and bonus tip:

Always bring a camera; even if it’s just your phone… You’ll thank me when you’re older…

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