Madeira sunset

Hazy Days: Behind The Scenes On Summer '24

Amber sun rays tumbled between stone, the wind light and welcoming. A collective sigh of relief, nod to the waiter and toast to a job well done. Saúde.

Our Summer ‘24 shoot was a whirlwind of late deliveries, stunner views and epic on-foot escapes to the hills. Our trusted trio of Tom on stills, Amon on video, and Jess on styling took it all in their stride, keeping the vibes high all trip long.

With Madeira locals Maria, Joackim, Erandy and Viktoria leading the charge, we were dealt a solid hand of sun rays and warm temps pushing us oceanside…

No stage, costume or props needed, this was turning into a trademark Passenger adventure. Road trippin’ and falling into a steady rhythm led by shutter sounds and shared laughs. Tom called in a huddle, all hands in, ‘Made To Roam’ on three, let’s get sh*t done.

Two people walking a mountain path at sundown
Getting lost above the clouds

“The mountain roads were so beautiful, with agapanthus plants in flower around every corner.”

Jess, Stylist

Someone collecting logs for a beach fire
Freshly caught veggies
Fresh peppers on a chopping board
A cookout on the beach
Compliments to chef Joackim, cookin' up a storm

"Fish freshly caught by Joackim, cooked with pineapple juice over the fire in an iron skillet. Super tasty."

Two people cooking food on the beach
Grub's up
Three people walking the old town
A locals tour of the old town 
A man in a hammock
Getting into the swing of things

"Eucalyptus sweets were a mega little additions to the long drives over, around and through the mountains..."

Amon, Videographer

A man sat on stone steps
Resting weary legs
A woman looking out to sea
Low cloud over a cliffside

“Whilst up in the mountains searching for sunset, we stumbled across loads of cows and calves in the road. They weren’t in a hurry to get out of our way, and since we were at cloud level, they emerged from the mist which was quite surreal!”

Tom, Photographer

A man smiling above the mountains
A trek and a half up into the hills
A steep cliffside down to the sea
Two people walking in a rural setting
Winding paths and palm trees aplenty
A man floating just above the water
A quick dip to wash away the day
A swimmer below the surface
A man swimming in clear water

“Refreshed and restored after a swim in the Atlantic.”

A man floating in the sea

"We watched the sunset over the sea at a small bar in Paul Do Mar with a jug of sangria. A dream way to end the trip."

A group

Summer ‘24

Location: Madeira, Portugal

Photography: Tom Young

Filmographer: Amon Shaw

Stylist: Jess Way

Cast: Maria, Joackim, Erandy and Viktoria

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