Jess & Emily

Jess & Emily

Two friends and Victor Whiskey.

After 8 months spent working on board a luxury super yacht Jess and I were itching to be set free, into the traveling vortex that we so wholly craved. After our extremely regimented working days, where every meal was scheduled and task sheets and checklists were our norm, our hearts desired a much freer kind of life.

Emily chilling in Victor Whiskey their van Victor Whiskey their van

The end of April found us driving to Chester, England. This is where our van journey commences and Jess and I made one of the more defining purchases of our trip. Victor Whiskey, a 1995 LT35 VW, was filled with as much character as we were adventure. Jess picked up a keen interest in photography during his time working on yachts, a very space adhering hobby. Apart from adventure, photography led in to our only other focus of our travels.

Emily stood on the top of the van Emily sat on the top of the van

In Victor Whiskey we found a new kind of luxury; the kind that comes from complete freedom. Without a schedule we are able to take the time to enjoy all the un-wasted moments in a place. We never have the feeling of having to hurry somewhere else lurking over us, interrupting the experience. We often find ourselves sitting atop our sun-platform lost in the view. This also makes for many a perfect photo opportunity. We are constantly pulling over if the mountain roads in Northern Norway seem particularly smooth and skateable for a long board session. We frequently find ourselves casting a line to catch a fish to cook over an evening campfire.

Jess skating Northern Norway Emily on a mountian top

24 hours a day of sunlight in the arctic circle highlighted to us just how truly free we are. Not bound by any structure whatsoever in our day, not even sleep. 6am kayak missions are discarded if the light and seas look good at 1am instead. We eat, sleep, drive and go where and when we want.

Jess kayaking Mountain View

As we head south and west, with Scotland being the next destination point, we look forward to more adventures and are just a little bit excited to see some stars again.

Relaxing in the camper van Emily enjoying the simple life Victor Whiskey the campervan

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