Joel Bear

Joel Bear

Joel and Maggie Ross are young in terms of age, just twenty-three, but admirably matured in their outlook on life.

Joel from Boston and Maggie from Denver, CO now live between Southern California and Denver. There existence allows them to live the lifestyle of adventure and wonder that many envy, but few have the courage to follow. Their way of life resonates at the heart of our surf, adventure and lifestyle brand.

Joel twilight surf

Maggie and Joel knew that the normal nine to five lifestyle wasn’t for them, so once married they needed a more fluid existence to satisfy the hunger for pursuing the path less trodden. Day to day life needed to be just that bit more than a working Groundhog Day. The blueprint was simple; strive to do what makes you happy, and do it together. Joel had grown up entwined in the art and music scene, which had led him to photography, which seemed like a pretty good starting point for their shared journey. As a couple, they share adventures, sometimes in awe of their own journey, but humbled by their experiences.

Joel longboarding down a windy mountain path

It is not a perfect life and there is a lot of hard work that goes into every aspect of what they do, but in Maggie’s words “we wouldn’t trade it for anything”. Inspired by life’s limitless boundaries, and other people’s ability to pursue passions, they are able to help share inspirational stories and allow people to dream the impossible. By capturing others life and fervour on film they allow themselves to draw no line in the sand, to always learn and be grateful. People are at the heart of all stories and play the lead role in the couples work. Maggie appreciates the possibilities that people and light provide, endeavouring to capture all of its moods.

Camp fire

In 2014 they embarked on a never-ending journey, taking them from California, to Colorado, to Haiti and back. They fell in love over and over again, each new sunrise and story stealing their hearts. The couple ticked off San Francisco, Big Sur, the Zion National Park and Yosemite. Every stop shed light on a new adventure, all the way they tirelessly recorded the moments and people that shaped each romance. In Joshua Tree the weather was so cold, wearing every item of adventure clothing they had still would not deflect the bite of the wind. Camping meant they hunkered down and got as cozy as possible, marvelling at the noise outside. They awoke to see the desert in a different light. Covered in snow.

Maggie on a lake looking at mountains

You’d be forgiven for thinking that they’d be ready to settle down after such an epic journey, but they just aren’t ready yet. Maggie wishes she had a definitive answer of “what such and such type of photographer” to be, but that will be decided later. If kids become part of the equation then great, it’s an opportunity to share the journey with someone else with a youthful, inquisitive outlook. For now “living the dream” is the only feasible option, the excitement of a map and no particular destination driving them and being content with “truly just enjoying the journey”.

Joel longboarding across a bridge Maggie on a mountian top surfer jumping from a pier into the sea Camping with a view on a mountains edge
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